Salon colour solution

Color Herbe is a professional range of permanent hair colours specially formulated without Ammonia..

If your salon is looking for a more natural solution for your discerning clients - then have a chat to us about our salon exclusive range... we've been delivering soft silky hair colour for over 150 years.

Using Aloe Vera, conditioning herbal extracts, plant proteins and a unique dyeing process, Color Herbe delivers a gentle but very effective permanent colour to pre-coloured, uncoloured or grey hair, without the irritating nature of the Ammonia-based colouring methods.

With Color Herbe there is no smell when dyeing hair, less irritation, skin staining and damage to hair. It offers a healthier hair colouring process that has all the creative potential of conventional products, without many of the risks to hair professionals and users.

Color Herbe covers grey 100% on first application and is designed to be gentle on the hair., let your clients experience soft, silky colour!  Chat to us today

Free from

No Ammonia, No Fragrance, No Alcohol

Choice of colours

An array of colours from the most natural enhancers to the ultra fashion shades.

Natural ingredients

Contains Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in an olive oil/distilled water base.

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